Love Story Comes Full Circle As Couple Discovers Serendipitous Connection

March 4, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Bountiful, Utah.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Kelsey Poll and Tyler West's love story took an unexpected twist as they delved into the past while planning their upcoming wedding. What started as a chance encounter at the bank, where Kelsey worked as a teller, blossomed into a romance that led to a proposal.

Little did they know that their love story had roots dating back 22 years.

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Kelsey and Tyler | Credit: Inside Edition

As the couple eagerly planned their wedding, they decided to take a trip down memory lane, flipping through old family photo albums and Kelsey's baby book. Amidst the cherished memories of Kelsey's early years, an astonishing revelation awaited them. A photograph captured a moment that transcended the boundaries of time and chance – Tyler's mother, Mary Ann West, was shown taking Kelsey's footprints when she was just a newborn.

"We were looking through my baby book to find some pictures for our wedding video… and we see this picture, and it's Mary Ann there," Kelsey exclaimed with disbelief. "[Tyler was] like, 'That is my mom.' And it was undeniably Mary Ann."

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Mary Ann West and Kelsey | Credit: Stacy Poll

The coincidence deepened when the couple stumbled upon a certificate that Kelsey's mother had received after her birth, featuring none other than Mary Ann West's distinctive handwriting.

The families both believe the couple was meant to be together and that this was yet another indication of that fact.

"There are some things that are too, are just too strange and strong to be a coincidence and that’s exactly how I feel here," Stacy added.

Watch the video below.

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