Man Wrestles Coyote To Save His Dog, Carries It By The Tail And Drops It In A Dumpster

January 17, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

In a heartwarming display of courage and love for his furry companion, Timothy Snipe rescued his small Chihuahua, Roxie, from the clutches of a coyote in his backyard.

The incident unfolded as Snipe and Roxie were enjoying some outdoor time in their fenced-in backyard. Suddenly, Roxie's barks alerted Snipe to a potential danger lurking near the woods. Without hesitation, Snipe rushed to investigate and discovered a coyote threatening his beloved pet.

Snipe sprang into action and bravely wrestled with the coyote, managing to gain control over the wild animal. He seized the coyote by its tail and promptly deposited it into a large garbage bin.

"He was trying to get out for a while, then he realized there was garbage in there, so he settled down." Snipe told the local news station.

However, Snipe's act of bravery came at a cost – he was bitten during the struggle and subsequently had to undergo nine rabies shots. Despite the physical toll, Snipe remains unwavering in his commitment to Roxie's safety. "Even if I got bit and got rabies, it's something I know I can get treated for. But if she had got bit, it was over," he explained.

When questioned about whether the risks were worth it, Snipe's response was immediate: "Absolutely. Roxie is a part of my family. I'd do anything to protect her."

Watch the video below.

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