'Dead Man' Comes Alive After Ambulance Hits Pothole

January 13, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Chandigarh, India.

In an extraordinary turn of events, a pothole on the road from Patiala to Karnal became an unlikely savior for 80-year-old Darshan Singh Brar, who was declared dead by doctors and on his way home for the last rites.

good news miracle story

The dramatic incident unfolded when Brar's grandson, who was accompanying his grandfather in the ambulance, noticed movement from the supposedly lifeless body after the vehicle hit a pothole. Startled by this unexpected sign of life, the grandson immediately alerted the ambulance crew.

Swiftly changing course, the ambulance rushed to the nearest hospital, where medical professionals were left astounded by what they witnessed. Contrary to the earlier declaration of death, the doctors at the new facility confirmed that Brar was alive and breathing.

Balwan Singh, the grandson, shared the surreal sequence of events leading up to the miraculous revival. He revealed that prior to the ambulance journey, Brar had been on a ventilator for four days. On Thursday morning, doctors declared him dead after his heartbeat apparently stopped. The family was informed, and preparations for the last rites were in full swing with relatives and local residents gathering to mourn his passing.

"We had informed our relatives and other local residents who knew him, and they had already gathered to mourn his passing. A tent had been set up, and food had also been arranged for the mourners. We had also got wood for the cremation," recounted Balwan Singh.

The sudden turnaround left the family in disbelief. "It is a miracle," Balwan added. "Now we are hoping that my grandfather recovers soon. Everyone who had gathered to mourn his death congratulated us, and we requested them to have the food we had arranged. It is God's grace that he is now breathing, and we are hoping he will get better."

As Darshan Singh Brar continues his unexpected journey back to life, the story serves as a reminder that sometimes, miracles can happen in the most unexpected places, even in a simple pothole on the road.

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