'Please Save My Baby': Incredible Moment Hero Rescues Toddler And Mom From Sinking Car

January 5, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Birmingham, England.

During the intense flooding caused by Storm Henk, Liam Stynch, a 28-year-old roadworks engineer, witnessed a car sinking into a swollen river. Without hesitation, he bravely rescued a 3-year-old child and her mother, saving their lives.

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Liam Stych / @littledoweknow.life

Liam was on a leisurely stroll with his pregnant partner, Tia Draper, when they unexpectedly encountered the precarious situation.

Footage captured the intense moment as Liam, driven by instinct, smashed the rear passenger window of the dangling car. Using ratchet straps, he skillfully secured the vehicle to the bridge's railings, preventing it from sinking further.

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Despite being hailed as a "local hero" by West Midlands Police, Liam remains modest, attributing his actions to pure instinct.

Recounting the dramatic rescue, he shared, "We were walking over a bridge, and I heard a woman screaming from inside a car. She was shouting, 'Help me, help me, please save my baby; she's in the back!'"

With the front of the car pointing downward into the water, Liam carefully dangled off the bridge, ensuring not to put additional weight on the vehicle. In a remarkable display of courage, he instructed the distressed woman to unwind her window and hand him her child.

Despite the challenges, Liam successfully rescued the little girl by "hurling" her into Tia's lap, who was positioned on the bridge, capturing the entire incident on camera.

While the community celebrates Liam's heroic act, he humbly insists, "I just acted on instinct."

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