'When A Picture Is Worth A Million Words': Lost Elephant Calf Is Reunited With Mom

January 4, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Tamil Nadu, India.

The Tamil Nadu Forest Department has orchestrated a remarkable reunion between a lost baby elephant and its mother.

good news elephant reunion
Credit: @supriyasahuias

The heartwarming saga unfolded when the tiny calf was discovered wandering alone, desperately searching for its mother in the vast wilderness of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve at Pollachi. The distressing situation caught the attention of Supriya Sahu IAS, Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu, who shared the uplifting story on Twitter along with a touching photo capturing the emotional reunion.

"The year ends on a heartwarming note for us at TN Forest Department," Supriya Sahu expressed on Twitter. "Our Foresters united a lost baby elephant with her mother and the herd after rescue in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve at Pollachi."

The dedicated field teams, armed with compassion and determination, spotted the tiny calf, separated from its herd, and immediately set their efforts into motion. Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as drones and the expertise of experienced forest watchers, the forest department successfully located the missing herd, ensuring the safety of the baby elephant.

"The little calf was found searching for the mother when field teams spotted her. With the help of drones and experienced forest watchers, the herd was located, and the tiny calf was safely reunited," Supriya Sahu elaborated in her tweet, acknowledging the exceptional efforts of the forest department's personnel.

The heroes of this tale, including Ramasubramanian, CF, Bhargava Teja FD, Range Officer Manikantan, and the entire team, were lauded for their dedication and commitment to wildlife conservation.

"When a picture is worth a million words," Supriya Sahu captioned the photo of the reunion.

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