Kindness In Cold: Hats And Scarves Left On Statues Bring Warmth To Others

December 16, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Mesa, Arizona.

Two women are hoping their small act of kindness will keep someone warm during the colder months.

good news

Sharie Monsam and her niece Kendra are spreading warmth this holiday by leaving hats and scarves on statues in downtown Mesa, offering a source of comfort to those in need during the chilly months.

"This marks the fourth winter of our initiative, where we collect hats and scarves from family, friends, neighbors, and thrift stores. We then place them on downtown statues, approximately 15 to 18 in total," Monsam told 12 News.

The impact is evident, as the items swiftly disappear, presumably taken by individuals seeking warmth.

"I hope more people do it. Even if they don't attend a church, many churches collect clothing and food for the homeless, or individuals can donate their time to food kitchens," Monsam said. "We all can make a difference—every single person has the power to contribute. Find something you can do to help others; I personally believe that's our purpose on Earth."

Watch the local good news video below.

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