'I Never Had A Machine Hug Me': Man Ditches Casino For Gifting Needy Kids Free Bikes

December 5, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the heart of the Las Vegas valley, a familiar face renowned for spreading joy through hundreds of bicycles over the years is keeping the holiday spirit alive.

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Robert Crane / Credit: 8newsnow.com

Robert Crane is the founder of 'Bob's Bikes for Needy Kids,' a nonprofit dedicated to renovating bicycles and providing them to underprivileged children without any cost.

He recently shared with 8 News Now what has fueled his unwavering commitment for a remarkable decade: the simple yet profound rewards of a hug, a smile, and a heartfelt thank you.

"I used to sit in the casino and play poker, I haven't been in a casino for seven years [and] I never had a machine hug me or say thank you," Crane said.

Stepping into his garage reveals a treasure trove of bikes awaiting new homes, each holding precious memories for the families they've touched. With the holiday season upon us, Crane is working tirelessly, putting in overtime to ensure more children experience the joy of owning a bike.

"For three weeks, I've been going crazy. 22 bikes on Saturday alone," Crane shared, emphasizing the increased demand during this festive period.

Reflecting on the unexpected growth of his cause, he traced its roots back to a simple act of kindness for his grandson.

"He needed a bike, and my daughter didn't have the funds herself to buy it," Crane explained. In a twist of fate, the refurbished bike meant for his grandson garnered immense interest when listed on Craigslist.

"I put it on Craigslist, had 80 replies in one hour," he said. "And that's when the lightbulb went off, kids don't have bikes and that's what started Bob's Bikes."

Watch the good news video below.

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