Hero Dog Swims Through Flood Waters To Rescue Stranded Sheep

October 24, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Wales.

A heroic sheepdog became the beacon of hope for three stranded ewes as it swam across treacherous flooded fields to guide them to safety.

sheep dog saves ewes flood
Credit: Llŷr Jones

Llyr Derwydd, a 44-year-old farmer hailing from the vicinity of Ruthin, found himself in a precarious situation on a fateful Friday afternoon. While conducting a routine check on his sheep in Flintshire, he stumbled upon a heart-wrenching sight – three ewes helplessly stranded on a diminishing piece of land within the field, cut off by the encroaching floodwaters.

Given the perilous conditions that the rising waters posed, it was clear that a rescue mission required a special hero. In this critical moment, that hero turned out to be none other than the quick-thinking sheepdog, Patsy.

Mr. Derwydd recounted the nerve-wracking experience, stating, "We realized we needed to act swiftly to ensure the safety of the stranded ewes. The small piece of land they were on was dwindling rapidly, and the peril was increasing."


In a courageous attempt to rescue the ewes, he made an audacious decision. With a sense of urgency in the air, he contemplated whether Patsy, his loyal sheepdog, would rise to the occasion. A silent command was issued, and Patsy, with unwavering determination, took the plunge.

It was a moment fraught with danger, as the true depth of the water remained unknown. Yet, Patsy's innate swimming abilities and strong resolve propelled her forward. Without hesitation, she braved the hazardous waters to reach the stranded ewes.

Mr. Derwydd shared his amazement, saying, "I knew she was quite a good swimmer; otherwise, I wouldn't have taken the chance. However, even I was surprised by her courage and skill. She didn't flinch; she just swam with sheer determination."

Watch the video of the rescue below.

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