Good Samaritan Returns Lost Prada Wallet With Hundreds Of Dollars Inside

October 18, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Houston, Texas.

A Good Samaritan restored faith in humanity by returning a lost Prada wallet, containing hundreds of dollars, to its grateful owner.


The incident occurred on a Monday night when the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was at a restaurant in Tanglewood, picking up dinner for her family.

She had misplaced her prized Prada wallet, a gift from her husband. The wallet contained a substantial sum of cash.

It was returned without the owner having the chance to say thanks.

She expressed her gratitude by saying, "The news is often inundated with distressing stories of people's misdeeds, but this was a completely unexpected act of kindness. I truly want to convey my thanks, even though I never had the chance to do so."

She continued, "When my daughter answered the door, she encountered a stranger I had never met before, who was returning my brand-new wallet – a gift from my husband. I had only recently been to the bank and had deposited several hundred dollars in it, and to my amazement, everything was intact."

This compassionate stranger's act was captured on the family's doorbell video camera, but her identity remains a mystery.

Watch the video below.

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