Teen Surprises Crying Toddler With Act Of Kindness At Local Fair

October 6, 2023

A heartwarming story has emerged from a local fair that has left an entire community smiling.

A compassionate teenager's act of goodwill towards a distraught toddler not only comforted the child but also led to a heartwarming reunion between two families.

teen helps crying toddler at fair
Credit: WFIE / 14News.com

Ashley Wargel, a mother of two, had an unexpected turn of events during her night out at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival in Evansville, Indiana. Her three-year-old son, Maddox, threw a tantrum amidst the overwhelming lights and crowds, causing stress for both mother and child as they attracted curious onlookers.

16-year-old Michael Bartlett noticed their plight and decided to take action. Michael, who had been hanging out with friends in a line nearby, approached Ashley and Maddox. He offered the toddler a stuffed red panda he had won at one of the carnival games.

"He walked over and said, 'I think this might make him feel better. Do you mind if I give him this stuffed animal?'" Wargel said.

teen good news stories
Credit: WFIE / 14News.com

Wargel, moved by his kindness, took to Facebook to find and thank him. Mutual friends recognized Michael in a photo she posted, leading to their reunion via Facetime.

Michael was taken aback by the attention, saying, "I'm speechless. I didn't think it would blow up like this."

For Ashley, this small yet heartwarming gesture served as a powerful reminder that kindness can significantly brighten one's day. Inspired by the experience, she pledged to go out of her way to spread kindness to others, paying forward the goodwill she and Maddox had received.

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