Local Police And Teen With Metal Detector Save Man's Beach Proposal

August 11, 2023

A romantic beach proposal nearly took a heartbreaking turn when a young man's engagement ring went missing in the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach.

However, thanks to the local police and a determined teenager equipped with a metal detector, the day was saved and the engagement ring was recovered.

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Krekeler (middle back row) / Credit: Myrtle Beach Police Department

Last month, Myrtle Beach Police Department's Beach Patrol Officer, PFC John Lively, was flagged down by a gentleman from Tennessee who said he had lost his engagement ring in the sand.

The man explained that they had been taking photos in different locations along the beach and when they had gotten to the final location, he realized the ring had fallen out of his pocket.

Three officers immediately started canvasing the previous photography areas on the beach. After starting the search, PFC Shon McCluskey, and K9 Goggles showed up to use the incident as a training exercise for Goggles.

During their search for the ring, a 15-year-old with a metal detector overheard what was going on and jumped into action.

Isaiah Krekeler told a local news station that he was hanging out with friends when "someone walks over and says, 'Hey, someone lost a ring over there'."

Krekeler said it was his first time using a metal detector on the beach and the ring was discovered in about 45 seconds.

"I felt like I saved a marriage," the teen joked.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department added, "for those of you wondering, she said yes!"

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