'I'm Literally In Tears': Stranger Helps 'Old Biker Dude' Get Thousands Of Online Fans

July 26, 2023

A random act of kindness has thousands of people rallying behind a retired biker who recently launched a YouTube channel to share his passions with the world.

old biker dude
Old Biker Dude / YouTube

Cole Caetano, the popular TikToker who promotes YouTube channels with little to no views, recently posted a clip of Emmett, also known as the "Old Biker Dude".

He shared the video to TikTok on July 25. Emmett had 124 subscribers at the time.

@karvetv Old Biker Dude❤️ #oldman #wholesome #grandpa ♬ original sound - Cole Caetano

In less than 24 hours, Emmett has gained more than 60,000 followers on his YouTube channel.

Emmett learned that is was Cole's act of kindness that helped him get so many subscribers.

He wrote on his channel:

ATTENTION: On July 24th, I suddenly began getting thousands of subs as the result of one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. A Tik Tok'r named karveTV featured me on his channel. I'm literally in tears as I sit here watching this. Thank you son.

Here's a little more information on what Emmett's channel is all about:

"Welcome to my You Tube channel where I showcase all things off-grid motorcycle travel, adventure, camping, cooking and fishing! Ever seen anyone bake a trout and ride a motorcycle at the same time? You'll see it here.

As an old retired guy with no money to speak of and a heart condition that requires me to eat healthy, motels and restaurants aren't an option for me. I rather prefer the off-grid style of motorcycle travel anyway. Check out my motorcycle trailer in my videos that I call the Power Wagon.

Subscribe and follow along as I travel around the country, seeing beautiful places, camp off-grid, cook great meals and continue my quest to slay the illusive monster Troutasaurus Rex."

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