11 Year-Old Gets Invited On Stage... Let's Just Say No One Saw This Coming

January 11, 2014

11-year-old Aidan Fisher went with his dad to see the rock band, Steel Panther, in Kansas City last month. Not only did he want to see them perform live, he wanted to show them what he's made of...

kid shows up guitarist
Photo: Yahoo News

Whether it was luck or fate, Aidan ran into the man on the sign the night before the concert at the hotel and showed him his sign.

kid shows up guitarist
Steel Panther Guitarist, Satchel with Aidan / Photo: Yahoo News

The Steel Panther guitarist agreed to give him an autograph... ON STAGE. Challenge accepted!

kid shows up guitarist

The rest was history. The rocker's face says it all. Watch the incredible video below.

Source: Yahoo News

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