Colombian Hero Risks Life to Save 25 Puppies Trapped In Burning Building

June 12, 2023

In a heart-stopping display of heroism, a Colombian man scaled a building engulfed in flames to rescue 25 helpless puppies trapped on the upper floors.

man saves dogs from fire
@AlertaNewsPeru / Twitter

The incident unfolded on June 9 when a fire broke out in a residential area in Lima, Peru. According to the Peruvian media, the fire occurred inside a recycling warehouse.

Video footage shows Sebastián Arias climb three stories to save the dogs. He had to break a window to reach the roof of the structure, where the trapped animals were.

Once there, he took the puppies and tossed them down to members of the community who were waiting with mattresses and sheets.

"I saw the dog that was up in the corner, I have this beautiful little animal and I wouldn't want my dog ​​to burn to death. Hearing his cries, his moans, I wouldn't want my dog ​​to die like that. I love, I am fascinated by dogs. I worked in that recycler and I knew where the animals were. I don't know how I got up so fast, the adrenaline made me go up," Arias said.

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