Heartwarming Community Effort Leads To Recovery Of Stolen Baby Donkey

June 2, 2023

In a heartwarming turn of events, a stolen baby donkey, Moon, has been safely returned to her delighted family on their farm, bringing an end to days of anguish and uncertainty.

baby donkey
Credit: Miller's Ark / Facebook

After an extensive two-week community search effort and collaboration with local authorities, Moon was found at an address in Buckinghamshire and returned to Miller's Ark Animals in Hook, Hampshire.

baby donkey
Credit: Miller's Ark / Facebook

Moon, who is only 2-months old, was still feeding from her mother Astra when she was taken, with the farm describing the mother as "distressed" by her disappearance.

A Facebook post from the farm was shared thousands of times and it provided regular updates on possible sightings.

The farm said they were "beyond excited" that Moon was returned to her mother Astra.

baby donkey
Credit: Miller's Ark / Facebook

"Yesterday evening we travelled to Buckinghamshire, liaised with Thames Valley Police and have recovered little Moon," they wrote on Facebook.

"We are beyond thrilled and Mum and foal are finally back together. Moon appears to be in good health, thank heaven, and we will make sure that Moon and her mum Astra get lots of love and care as they re discover each other.

It is because of all of you, amazing people, who have supported Moon, Astra and the team at Miller’s Ark, sharing this story far and wide - and now you have brought her home. A huge thank you to all streams of the media who spread the story further, Thames Valley Police for their quick response and Surrey and Hampshire Police for their work behind the scenes."

Sgt. Stuart Ross said the force had received "countless calls and online reports" from concerned individuals.

"We have worked tirelessly to locate Moon, scouring CCTV footage to see if we could find her, so we are absolutely delighted about this positive outcome," he said.

Pam Jessopp, a farm volunteer, told BBC Radio Berkshire that when Moon arrived back at the farm "she was happy, swishing her tail and came up for cuddles".

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