A Woman Who Feeds The Needy Found Her Garden Sabotaged. TikTokers Rally To Help Her

April 13, 2023

TikTokers have shown their love and support for a woman who was left "heartbroken" after her farm was sabotaged.

tiktokers raise money for woman salt on farm
@carlyburd43 / TikTok

Carly Burd, from Harlow, England, found the soil covered in salt and posted an emotional video about the incident on TikTok.

Burd, who has Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus, told viewers she believed someone trespassed onto her plot of land and poured salt to destroy the work that she's put in to help feed people in need.

Last November, Burd began posting about her "A Meal on Me with Love" initiative.

"I transformed my garden into an allotment to provide those on benefits, pensioners on state pension and those on a low income FREE organic fruit an vegetables plus essentials. They receive a large box that contains essentials plus enough food, fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, breakfast etc for the amount of people in the household," Burd said.

Burd said she's fed more than 1,600 people amid the cost of living crisis in the UK.


After Burd shared her heartbreak with TikTok, users began pouring donations, advice, and support.

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Burd's "A Meal on Me with Love" fundraiser has been flooded with donations in light of this incident.

As of Thursday morning, Burd's GoFundMe campaign has raised £184,777 of its initial £4,000 goal.

"The world needs more people like you," one person wrote with a $15 donation.

"Your love and compassion for humanity is amazing. All of us would be so lucky to cross paths with someone like you in a time of need," another person commented with a $10 donation.

Burd said in an update that with the help of others she was able to dig up a lot of the salt and plans to cover it with topsoil to neutralize it.

"I'm absolutely overwhelmed by everyone's comments and everything," she said. "I really do appreciate it — thank you."

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