'She's My Hero': Dog Saves Owner's Life During House Fire That Destroyed Entire Home

November 30, 2022

A Wichita man says if it was not for his dog, he may not be alive today.

dog saves man from fire
Tyler and Monroe / KAKE

Tyler Revel decided to take a nap on Sunday while watching football.

He woke up to his 6-year-old dog, Monroe, nudging his face and fussing for his attention.

"She jumped on the bed and just instantly was like, nudging my head and whining and like, you know, like a crying kind of like a whimper," he told KAKE.

Revel woke up to a thick cloud of black smoke that filled his entire house. Barely able to see, barely able to breathe, he grabbed Monroe, ran down the hall, and barely made it past the flames racing toward his bedroom.

"We got out in the nick of time, man. Just really lucky. I think if she wasn't there, I wouldn't have made it out alive for sure," he said.

The fire completely destroyed his home, but Revel can't help but feel thankful.

"I think we take a lot for granted, you know. All that stuff in there isn't what matters. It can always be replaced. She can't. I can't. I'm just… it is a very humbling experience," said Revel.

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