Police Officer Pays For Woman's Gas After Card Gets Declined At Pump

November 11, 2022

A police officer in Georgia went above and beyond the call of duty to help a woman who needed to get to work.

police officer act of kindness
McDonough Police Department

The woman was recently a victim of a robbery and lost all of her credit cards and money as a result of the incident. She was attempting to pump gas in her car with a pre-paid card.

The card declined the transaction.

Officer Harrison of McDonough Police Department noticed the woman frustrated and struggling at the pump.

She explained to Officer Harrison that her car had just run out of gas and was completely empty, yet she needed to get to work. She told the officer that she was going to have to leave her car at the gas station and walk to her job in the rain.

Harrison took it upon himself to pay for the woman's entire tank of gas in order for her to get to work.

"This is just another example of our Officers going above and beyond the call of duty," the McDonough Police Department said in a Facebook post. "Way to go Officer Harrison!"

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