7-Year-Old Donates Entire Piggy Bank To Help Those In Need In Florida After Hurricane Ian

October 3, 2022

A 7-year-old boy in Indiana is donating his entire piggy bank to help those in need in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Proud mom Jaclyn D'Andrea posted a video of her son, Dominic, to social media and wrote:

"My 7 year old Dominic learned what is happening in FL and ran outside with his piggy bank. He said mommy people will need this more than me. I want to help them... My heart is so happy to call this young man my son!"

Jaclyn said it all started on the way to school one morning. "Dominic asked a lot of questions: Why I was so upset and what a hurricane was, and I kind of knew where his little mind was going when we got back home," she told Fox News.

Jaclyn never expected the video of her son to go viral.

"I literally posted that video to social media just as a proud mom, not ever anticipating for it to take off the way that it did," she said.

Her son's act of kindness inspired Jaclyn to load up a U-Haul truck with supplies and drive it to Fort Myers.

boy donates piggy bank florida

"Because of a viral video of my 7 year old wanting to give his whole piggy bank to help those in Fl on tik tok(@jax.dandrea)... this Mommy is loading a u-haul of supplies and headed to Fort Myers Fl next week when the county opens up!" she wrote.

You can support their relief effort by donating via Venmo @Jaclyn-DAndrea-17.

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