Teen Whose Truck Was Tossed Around In A Tornado Is Gifted A New Ride

April 5, 2022

A Texas teen whose red truck was flipped around by a tornado has been gifted a brand new truck.

teen red truck tornado
Riley Leon gifted a new truck

A video of the incident, which occurred Monday in Elgin, Texas, went viral on Twitter after it was posted by storm chaser.

Since then, 16-year-old Riley Leon has been interviewed by local news outlets and has seen a GoFundMe campaign to pay for injuries surpass $39,000.

"His truck was totaled, but for the most part, he is doing okay. Unfortunately, he has begun to experience body aches and severe back pain, as one would expect after this type of accident," said Bianca Jaimes, who works at the school Riley attends.

When the folks at Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet dealership in Fort Worth, Texas, learned Leon's late-model Chevy pickup was totaled after the incident, they decided to give him a new one.

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