Firefighters Rescue Deaf Dog From Storm Drain In 10-HOUR Operation

August 26, 2021

Texas firefighters, police, paramedics and other city workers worked around the clock to rescue a 15-year-old deaf dog trapped in a storm drain.

firefighters rescue deaf dog storm drain
Arlington Fire Department

The dog, Zoey, was discovered on Saturday stuck in a drainage pipe. Owner Andrea Tankersley said "people were hearing animal sounds, but they were hearing them all over the neighborhood."

The Arlington Fire Department released video footage of the dramatic 10-hour rescue operation.

The deparment wrote: "We have a condensed video of the rescue operation to save Zoey, the 15-year-old dog stuck in the storm drain. The operation lasted over 10 hours.

Once again, we just want to acknowledge the incredible work from our Technical Rescue Team, the additional AFD units, and the other City of Arlington, TX - City Hall agencies which contributed to Zoey’s rescue."

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