Thief Returns Boy's 100-Pound Stolen Pumpkin, Leaves Apology Note

October 23, 2013

thief returns 100lb stolen pumpkin

Having his prize pumpkin pilfered taught Jaiden Newcomer several lessons -- mostly about the kindness of strangers and the gratitude of paying it forward.

Last week, Jaiden had his 100-pound pumpkin -- which he won in a fall fest last month after correctly guessing its weight -- stolen off his front porch. When CBS 21 broadcast his story last week, Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouse in Mechanicsburg invited Jaiden out to pick out a new pumpkin.

Then Capehorn Beverage, which donated the first pumpkin Jaiden won, offered to give him a replacement. 

But the crowning moment came when his original pumpkin, all 100 pounds of it were returned to him, along with an anonymous apology note.

"I'm really sorry about taking your pumpkin, it was wrong of me, you earned the pumpkin, I didn't think my actions through nor realize who they were affecting. Sincerest Apologies," the note read. 

Now the proud owner of 225 pounds of pumpkin, Jaiden plans to donate one to Bell Family Shelter, an emergency shelter for family with children, located at 852 E. Market St., York. He plans to donate another one to the Children's Home of York, 77 Shoe House Road, York. 

He plans to try to get 100 pumpkin pies donated to Our Daily Bread, a soup kitchen in York located at 331 S. George St.

Good News Source: | Photo: AP Photo/York Daily Record, Jason Plotkin

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