Man Gives His Brand New Poncho To Mail Carrier Who's Delivering Mail In The Pouring Rain

January 26, 2021

A man in California noticed his mail carrier was unprepared for the pouring rain -- so he gave him his brand new poncho.

The kind act was captured on the family's Ring camera.

Gregory Martinez said he spotted his mailman delivering mail in the rain in West Covina and felt he needed to do something to help.

"So our mailman was out around 6:30 pm delivering our mail tonight unprepared for the pouring rain," Martinez said. "I knew I had to help him in any way I was able to. Thank goodness I had a new plastic poncho put away so I decided to call him back."

The mailman wasn't able to slip it on because he was carrying so much and had on a headlamp. So Martinez and his daughter helped him put it on.

Martinez said the mailman's reaction was "priceless" and asks that we "take care of one another".

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