Barbershop Saves Restaurant From Closing After Staff Tests Positive For COVID-19

November 15, 2020

After restaurant staff tested positive for COVID-19, a neighboring barbershop stepped in to work at the restaurant to keep it open.


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On November 6, Würstbar in Jersey City put up a notice on social media that they would be closing until tests for all 20 of their employees came back negative.

Owner Aaron Kahn called his barber to cancel his regular Friday haircut and fill him in on the news.

Andre Fersa, who runs the barbershop just two doors down from Würstbar, walked to the bar to have a cup of coffee and offered to help.

"I can wait on your tables tomorrow," Fersa said. And that's what he did.


A post shared by WÜRSTBAR (@wurstbarjc)

"Virile barber shop is taking over Wurstbar today to help the quarantined staff," Fersa wrote on Instagram. "The weather is too nice out to let our neighbors at Wurstbar stay closed! I've taken over the bar and am selling PRETZLES, beer, wine and cider for outdoor seating only. Come on by and support this great staff."

Fersa also brought along a friend, Joe Mercurio, to help with the restaurant duties. Together they took care of 40 to 50 tables, he said.

"We were super busy, but it wasn't overwhelming," Fersa said. "There was a lot of good energy and sunshine, and people were in a celebratory mood. We went through a lot of beer."

Würstbar reopened on Thursday with the regular staff. Everyone tested negative except for the initial employee who was positive and is now in isolation.

Kahn said he'll never forget Fersa's kindness.

"What a great neighbor," he said. "Andre's an asset to the neighborhood, and he's welcome to wait tables any time."

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