Italian Couple Dubbed 'Romeo And Juliet' After Falling In Love From Balconies During Lockdown

September 25, 2020

An Italian couple have been dubbed the "Romeo and Juliet" of the Coronavirus pandemic.

italian romeo juliet balcony love
Michele D'Alpaos and Paola Agnelli

Michele D'Alpaos, 38, and Paola Agnelli, 40, met on neighboring balconies during the coronavirus lockdown in Verona, Italy — where the tale of star-crossed lovers is set — and now they're engaged to be married.

D'Alpaos said it was love at first sight when he spotted Agnelli and her sister performing "We Are The Champions" on violin to lift neighbors' spirits.

"I was immediately struck by the beauty of this girl, by her smile," said D'Alpaos.

Agnelli felt the same way about him. "I immediately thought, 'What a beautiful boy'."

Despite living next to each other for years, they had never met. D'Alpaos learned that his sister knew Agnelli from the gym, and he connected with her on Instagram.

Due to the lockdown, they flirted with each other from their balconies as they longed to meet for an in-person date.

D'Alpaos went full "Romeo," by sending flowers and hanging a sheet from his balcony that proclaimed "PAOLA."

italian romeo juliet balcony love

In early May, they finally met at a nearby park.

After just weeks of dating, they now plan to tie the knot in "fair Verona," possibly on D'Alpaos' balcony.

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