Man Hands Out Free Coffee To His Neighbors Every Morning -- From His Kitchen Window

July 2, 2020

A man in San Francisco is making a positive impact on his community by handing out free coffee to essential workers every morning.

man hands out free coffee to workers
Ben Ramirez

A sign sits in front of Ben Ramirez's kitchen window offering free coffee to people in his neighborhood.

"Even if they don't get a cup of coffee, they can stop at the window and chat," Ramirez told CNN. "We have a lot of people in the neighborhood who either are nurses, doctors or postal workers. They're out there on the front lines risking their lives every day. They deserve something and they're always happy to see us in the morning."

man hands out free coffee to workers
Ben Ramirez

Ramirez says he sits by his kitchen window from 8 a.m. to noon, serving his community, seven days a week.

"My wife has been gracious to move her meetings to later in the afternoon. So, she can watch the boys in the morning, and I can hand out my coffee. And then we have lunch together and we hand off, and I hang out with the boys. We try and make it a good day."

On average, he makes about 10-15 cups a day.

"We are in a little neighborhood called North Beach," he said. "There's a very vibrant and historical coffee scene here. I think a lot of people are missing that social interaction. It's been nice to bring the community together."

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