Firefighters Save Bearded Dragon Lizard's Life with Oxygen Mask Designed for Humans

September 16, 2013

A group of hero firefighters did what firefighters do and improvised to save the life of a bearded dragon lizard, who was rescued from his burning container.

Thorn was given oxygen using a mask designed to treat humans, following the incident in its basement home in Pedmore Road, Lye, West Midlands.

Fire crews responded after a bulb in the two-year-old lizard’s vivarium enclosure overheated and caused a fire that spread throughout.

Lucy Evans, a firefighter who attended the scene, said: ‘Thorn was desperate for air and at first we thought it was dead.

‘But then Adrian touched its tail and it jumped.

‘We got Thorn out of there – we didn’t discuss giving the kiss of life but our colleagues gave the animal oxygen.’

Two firefighters had to enter the building that was engulfed in smoke to save the lizard, who is now recovering.

There were no reports of human casualties.

Source: Metro | Photo: SWNS

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