'Mowing With Cops': Alabama Man Invites Cops To Mow Lawns With Him In All 50 States

August 14, 2019

Last year, Rodney Smith Jr. mowed at least one lawn for someone in need in every US state.

He called it the "50 Yards in 50 States Challenge".

mowing with cops

For his new challenge, Rodney is inviting police officers to mow with him.

Smith tweeted on Monday that his "Mowing with Cops" tour will start this week.

The goal is to bring the communities together around those who serve and protect us.

"A lot of people distrust the police," Smith said Tuesday. "But I want them to know the police are there for us — to protect and serve."

Smith said he looks forward to meeting officers across the country and learning why they chose to wear a badge.

"I'm just a man on a mission by God, fulfilling all his work," Smith told Fox 17 News.

Follow Rodney Smith Jr. on Twitter for updates on his new mission.

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