Man Adopts Old Dogs From Shelters No One Else Wants

August 3, 2019

A man in Colorado felt at a loss after one of his dogs died so he began adopting dogs no one else wanted.

Steve Greig said he grieved for two months after his dog died before approaching a local animal shelter and asking if they had any dogs that no one wanted.

"So (I adopted) a 12-year-old Chihuahua named Eeyore with a heart murmur and four bad knees, and I brought him home, and that was just the beginning of all the animals," he said.

Greig now has 10 dogs. He adopted eight senior dogs with health issues and special diets, as well as his sister's dog, and a roommate's dog.


I got the dogs together for a quick group shot with our newest member John Henry (2nd from the left) and it looks like he's going to be a poser, unlike Doris (far right) who was awake and looking around until she realized I was taking a picture, then she pretended to be asleep. She's ornery like that. I can tell by the smile on her face when the shot is over that she thinks it's funny. The fact that we were able to get several great shots of Doris for The One and Only Wolfgang book (new Barnes & Noble link in bio) is nothing short of a miracle. I give Bikini the pig a hard time about being a diva but Doris is no picnic to shoot either, and as far as she's concerned it's "mission accomplished". Also, Doris wears diapers most of the time and there is nothing she loves more than making it nearly impossible to put those on. It's like trying to put scotch tape on a wiggly fish. Somehow she can squeeze her hips in and simultaneously flail her back legs, snickering to herself the whole time. I have no idea why those things make me love her even more, but they do. #theoneandonlywolfgang

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He also rescued a pig named Bikini, a rabbit and a chicken.

Greig says it is a fair bit of work to tend to so many animals, but he enjoys it.

"A normal day for me is getting up at 5 am in the morning and making breakfast for all of them, which, you know, there are 10 (dogs), and most of them have different diets."

On the weekends, he takes them to grooming appointments and the vet.

"I grew up with a lot of pets," Greig said. "Both my parents were animal lovers and they pretty much always let me have whatever I wanted as long as I could take care of it."

You can follow Greig's "wolfgang" on Instagram for more photos and video of the gang.


Why I have a housekeeper....

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