Thieves Write Apology Letter And Vow To Get Sober After Stealing From Boy With Brain Tumor

June 29, 2019

Two thieves are asking for forgiveness and pledging to get sober after discovering they stole from a 5-year-old boy in Delaware who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

thieves return wrestling belt apology letter to get sober

Timmy Vick needs surgery to remove a dangerous brain tumor -- and the wrestling belt gives him courage and comfort.

Timmy's father had sent the belt to Sergio Moreira, a wrestling belt artist who refurbishes WWE replica belts, who agreed to do the modifications free of charge.

"I told him to just pay shipping and I would take care of the rest," Moreira told Yahoo News. "I felt like it was the right thing to do for Timmy and his family. They have been through so much."

But when the package with Timmy's belts arrived to Moreira's home, it was stolen off the front porch by two theives.

thieves return wrestling belt apology letter to get sober

Moreira sent the footage from his doorbell camera to the local news hoping the thieves would see it and learn who they had stolen from.

"I want them to know they took hope from a 5-year-old boy who is looking forward to that item coming back to him," Moreira told local news station KIRO7. "You stole that from him. You broke a child's heart."


Two days later, the thieves went to Moreira's home to return the box with Timmy's belts along with a four-page, handwritten apology letter.

thieves return wrestling belt apology letter to get sober

Homeless and addicted to drugs, the women explained that they were just "trying to make a quick dollar" and were "embarrassed" and "ashamed" of what they had done.

The women went on to say that Timmy is the "real hero," and asked for forgiveness.

"We never wanted to steal a child's hope," the letter said. "After seeing ourselves looking like low lives on the news, we have both decided to get clean and sober."

Moreira says the women were both crying and seemed very sorry when they returned the package.

He hugged them and told them he didn't plan to press charges.

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