'Tonight, He More Than Noticed Him': Young Fan With Down Syndrome Meets Albert Pujols

June 25, 2019

Joe Squarini has a son with Down syndrome.

Last week he took him to a baseball game in Toronto and they met Albert Pujols -- who did much more than say hi.

After the game, Pujols walked over to the stands and found Squarini's son, Nico, who was wearing an Angles jersey.

Pujols took the jersey off his back, signed it, gave it to Nico, then stuck around to take some amazing photos.

albert pujols jersey kid down syndrome
Credit: Joe Squarini

This is what Squarini wrote on Facebook.

"So this happened tonight.

Albert Pujols is one of the greatest players in baseball history and an easy first ballot Hall of Fame candidate.

His Albert Pujols Foundation has been advocating for people with Down syndrome since he adopted his wife's daughter, Isabella who also has Down syndrome, 19 years ago.


We have been trying to get Albert to notice Nico since Nico was old enough to attend games.

Tonight, he more than noticed him.

He lit up as soon as he saw him and gave Nico his jersey. Mayra and I were in tears and Albert Pujols left us with a memory we will treasure forever.

This is why we will ALWAYS be a baseball family."

albert pujols jersey kid down syndrome
Credit: Joe Squarini

You can learn more about the Pujols Family Foundation here.

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