14-Year-Old Boy Fights Off Leopard, Saves His 7-Year-Old Cousin

June 18, 2019

A 14-year-old boy saved his 7-year-old cousin from the jaws of a leopard in a village near Thane, India.

boy fights off leopard to save brother
Credit: Times of India

Naresh Kaluram Bhala and Harshad Vitthal Bhala were playing outside and searching for berries when the leopard attacked Harshard.

Naresh used a stick to beat the leopard off of his cousin.

The boys' grandmother came rushing to their aid as the leopard fled.

The local police station congratulated the boys for their bravery.

"Naresh showed unusual courage for such a young lad to save his cousin," policeman Suhas Kharmate said.

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