Two Boys Put Pokemon Hunting On Hold To Help Struggling Elderly Man

May 24, 2019

Two young boys put their game on hold after they noticed an elderly man struggling to cross the street in Auckland, New Zealand.

two boys help elderly man cross road
Credit: Lyqueeshah Brooks

Blake Ockleston and Daniel Coyle-Smith, both 13, were out catching Pokemon when they saw the man waiting at a double crossing in New Lynn.

Ockleston said the man was shaking as he stood next to his walker.

"He looked like he was struggling to walk," Ockleston told Stuff.

The two friends decided to put Pokemon hunting on hold and step in and help.

They held onto him as he walked but halfway across the light turned green.

Coyle-Smith said he stopped traffic so they could continue crossing.


"We decided to sit him down on his walker and we pushed him across, and then again at the next crossing," Coyle-Smith said.

The boys walked him all the way to the train station and asked a security guard to help the man from there.

Their act of kindness was captured by Lyqueeshah Brooks, who posted the photo on Facebook.

"My heart is so full [right now]," she captioned the photo. "These boys helped this man cross 2 pedestrians in new lynn right now .. shout out to these boys parents if it wasnt for them no cars would have waited for this man to cross."

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