He Helped Save Her Daughter. Two Years Later, She Returned The Favor

May 21, 2019

A Minnesota woman has helped saved the life of the firefighter who helped save her daughter two years ago.

becca and bill
Credit: Becca Bundy

In August 2016, Becca Bundy's young daughter had a seizure at home. Volunteer firefighter Bill Cox was the first to arrive.

The two met again in October 2018 when Bundy went to a benefit for a neighbor at the Viking Bar, where Cox has tending bar. He was wearing a T-shirt that said, "My Name is Bill. I'm in end stage KIDNEY FAILURE And in need of a KIDNEY."

"I couldn't get it out of my head," Bundy told KARE News. "I just said, ‘I'm the one and I know it'."

They talked for a bit and she realized that she had the same blood type.

Testing proved Bundy was indeed a match. She called him with the news as soon as she found out.


"I can remember us both crying, tears of joy of course, and Bill thanking me," she said.

The surgery took place in February. Three months later, the 66-year-old is free from dialysis and resuming his retirement in his lake home he shares with his wife Terry.

"I feel pretty blessed to be chosen to be on his journey with him," Bundy said, wiping away tears.

Before for the surgery, Cox carved a wooden angel for her and painted it her favorite color.

Credit: Boyd Huppert, KARE News

"She's my angel. She saved my life and I thought that would be an appropriate little gift for them," he said.

Since the surgery, drawings by Becca's children now grace the Cox's refrigerator. The drawings have special meaning since the Cox's don't have any grandchildren.

This summer they plan to host Becca, her husband and their four daughters on their boat.

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