48-Year-Old Mother Of Three Qualifies For Olympic Trials

May 18, 2019

A 48-year-old mother in Vienna, Virginia, has officially qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.

48 year old mom qualifies olympic trials
Perry Shoemaker / Credit: ENMOTIVE-ENPHOTO

Qualifying for the Olympic Trials has been Perry Shoemaker's goal since 2015.

The preschool teacher and mother of three realized her dream after she crossed the finish line of the Eugene Marathon in 2:43:33.

Shoemaker has always been a runner, but she didn't start her journey into competitive racing until 2011.

She started entering into local races and was quickly improving. Her husband, Jon, realized she had a real talent and hired a professional coach.

After just six weeks of coaching, Shoemaker not only qualified for the Trials but also set a personal record by eight minutes.

While most athletes have their best athletic days before they have spouses and children, the opposite has been true for Shoemaker.

She's proving to her children, and herself, that you can be your best at any age.

"They watched her remake who she was in front of them," Jon told Runner's World. "That's pretty neat. They're supportive, and they get to see their mom accomplish something in her adult life while they're watching."

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