Mom Charges Cougar And Pries Its Jaws Open To Save Son

April 10, 2019

Never get between a mother and her child.

Kevin Bromley is crediting his wife, Chelsea, for saving the life of their son after the boy was attacked by a cougar in their backyard.

mom fights off cougar to save son
Chelsea and Zach / The Canadian Press

Kevin said his 7-year-old son Zach was playing in the family's backyard in Lake Cowichan, B.C., when a cougar clawed its way through their metal fence.

Zach tried to run but the cougar pounced on him.

Chelsea heard the commotion from inside the house and saw the cougar trying to drag her son away. She sprinted outside and charged the animal, fighting to make it release her son's left arm.

"She's so selfless, she had to get its mouth off of Zach. She literally did and I'm not glorifying it, I'm just saying this is what happened – she had to pry its mouth open,” Kevin told The Canadian Press.

The cougar finally let go and ran off.

Zach is recovering with gashes to his head, neck and arm that have been stitched.

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