Chiefs Player Tracks Down Homeless Man Who Helped Him Get To The Playoff Game

January 14, 2019

A Kansas City Chiefs player has tracked down and given a homeless man tickets to the AFC Championship game for helping him in the snow.

homeless man helps chief player
Dave Cochran / Photo: KSHB News

Just hours before the Kansas City Chiefs' playoff game on Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts , offensive lineman Jeff Allen was stranded in the snow and needed help.

"I was driving down 40 Highway and saw a couple cars stuck," Dave Cochran told KSHB News. "I pulled one car out before that, then I saw another car stuck and I told my old lady, 'We have to help him'."

Cochran, who is homeless and lives in his truck with his girlfriend and dog, had no idea who was in the car.

"It said Texas plates," Cochran said. "He wasn't used to this weather. He isn't used to this coldness. He is from Texas."

It didn't take long for Allen's plea to get answered.

Cochran, who said he didn't expect anything in return, had never been to a Chiefs game in his life.

"It's like a dream come true," Cochran said. "I saw the message this morning, and I am not going to fake with you, call me soft if you want to homeboys, I started bawling to know he is a man of his word and he reached out to contact me."

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