Cops Witness Man Giving CPR To A Squirrel

October 13, 2018

Two Minnesota police officers were on a routine patrol when they found a young man attempting to revive a squirrel that had darted out in front of his car.

officers see man reviving squirrel hit by car

Officers Jeremy Halek and Tony Weeks saw a vehicle in the middle of the road with the driver's door wide open. They noticed a man bent down hear the curb so they stopped to make sure everything was okay.

As they approached, they saw 19-year-old Chris Felix giving CPR to a squirrel.

"Is he giving it CPR? I think he is! Look at him," Officer Weeks says in the video as they pull up to the scene.

While the officers are talking to Felix there was still no response from the squirrel.


"Then that squirrel took off! Just, wow! What did we just witness?" Officer Weeks said.

Both Officer Weeks and Officer Halek say it was something they will always remember.

"Sometimes when nobody is looking and people do the right thing, it kind of shows who they really are," Halek told CBS News.

The incident was captured on the officer's bodycam and posted on the Brooklyn Park Police Department Facebook page. Watch the video below.

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