IHOP Waitress Makes The Day Of Customer With Down Syndrome

August 26, 2018

An IHOP waitress in Abilene, TX is being praised on social media after her act of kindness toward a man with Down Syndrome was posted on Facebook.

Regina Thomason and her brother Dwayne stopped at the restaurant for a drink and noticed the name tag of their waitress said "Millie".

"Dwayne immediately noticed the waitress's name tag (Dwayne has a thing for badges and name tags). He told the waitress that he liked her name tag and then told her that his name is 'Captain America'." Thomason wrote on Facebook.

As they prepared to leave the restaurant, Millie returned to their table with a name tag for Dwayne.

"Before we left - here comes the waitress - pins a name tag on Dwayne's shirt - and yes it said '"CAPTAIN AMERICA' - Dwayne was thrilled! Thank you to Millie at Ihop. U made his day!"

ihop waitress act of kindness man with down syndrome
Credit: Regina Thomason

"When people come in, I want to make them smile. If they leave happy, it makes me happy," Millie told News 4.

"When he left, I said, 'Bye, Captain America!' and he just giggled."

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