Couple Drives 1,000 Miles To Reunite With Dog Stolen By 'Monsters'

June 19, 2018

Nearly four months after his dog was stolen from his backyard in Katy, Texas, Dara Prak received a phone call from the ASPCA in Greenville, South Carolina asking if he was missing a dog.

man reunites with stolen dog Titan
Credit: Dara Prak / Facebook

Once Prak realized the phone call was not a joke, he prepared for the journey to get Titan, who was 1,000 miles away from home.

"I never lost hope, I continued to carry his leash and collar in my car with even higher hopes of the day I see him and bring him home," Prak said.

He was also informed that his dog had suffered severe injuries to his left eye.

"When the lady sent me a picture of my baby Titan I lost myself and cried cause he looked severely abused and mistreated by the monsters who kidnapped him from my house," said Prak.

But the only thing that mattered to Prak was that Titan had been found. So he and his girlfriend drove 16-hours to reunite with his dog.

The reunion at Greenville County Animal Care was captured in a Facebook Live video, taken by Prak's girlfriend, Kara Hills.

The moment brought Prak to tears:

While no certain explanation has been given for the pit bull's injuries, workers at Greenville County Animal Care told Prak they believed Titan had been abused by a person or was attacked by other animals.

But what is known is that it was Titan's microchip that reunited him with Prak and got him back to his Texas home.

"Titan is happy to update y'all that he is finally home and on the road to recovery," Hills wrote in a Facebook post. "We are beyond grateful for officer Jennifer Cavanaugh at the Spartanburg Animal Control, vets and assistants at the Greenville County Animal Care and all friends, family and supporters who have been with us and made this reunion possible. Thank you everyone."

Prak set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs for Titan's medical expenses. As of Tuesday morning, his goal of $5,000 has been reached.

On the page, Prak added some words of encouragement to pet owners if their animals go missing.

"Never lose hope of bringing our babies home, cause in reality; dogs, cats or any animal for that matter are not just 'Pets,' they are our babies and they will forever be a member of our family. Take care of them, Love them and they will do the same for us."

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