Heroes flee vehicle at busy intersection to save woman having seizure

March 27, 2013

A few good Samaritans made a daring dash at a busy intersection to save a woman from crashing her car.

The woman suffered a seizure while driving the car which caused the vehicle to begin rolling through the intersection. Zachary Green and Kristen Martin realized what was happening and did not hesitate to jump out of their vehicle at the busy intersection and chase down the drifting car.

"I told my girlfriend, 'we've got to help this lady you know we have to'. So I just slammed it into park and went with my instincts," Green said in an interview with Fox 2.

The action was caught on a surveilance camera. The two went running after the car hoping to stop it while flagging down others to call 911. One man, Don Grimshaw, did stop his truck and try to help.

"I got in front of her and just tried to match up speeds and stop the car with the truck," Grimshaw said.

The car eventually stopped at a guard rail with the driver unharmed.

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

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