Students Surprise Classmate With A Nintendo 3DS After His Was Stolen

December 24, 2017

This is the heartwarming moment a 15-year-old breaks down in tears after his classmates banded together to buy him a Nintendo 3DS after his was stolen.

students by nintendo DS for classmate stolen

The classroom where Shawn Hawkins usually left his backpack for safekeeping before heading to physical education was locked, and he couldn't squeeze it into his locker at the boys' gym.

So the Antioch High School sophomore stashed his bag nearby and headed off to class on the football field earlier this month only to discover upon his return that someone had rummaged through the backpack and stole his Nintendo 3DS.

Shawn was devastated.

In desperation the teen turned to a whiteboard in the student lounge and wrote a message to the thief, asking him or her to return it and promising that he wouldn't tell on the culprit.

Within days students were taking photos of the note and sharing it on Snapchat.

When Shawna Cantiliano saw it, she announced that she would be taking up a collection to replace the console.

Cantiliano and a friend dropped by Shawn's history class to present the surprise.

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