Holocaust Survivor Donates $1 Million To Wounded American Veterans To Express His Thanks

November 26, 2017

An 83-year-old Holocaust survivor is donating $1 million to organizations serving wounded American veterans.

holocaust survivor donates 1 million to us wounded veterans
Bernard Darty

Bernard Darty, a Paris native, is the retired co-founder of Darty Group, an electrical retailer operating more than 340 stores in Europe.

This year is is saying "thank you" to the American soldiers of the 1940s who helped rescue him by making his $1 million donation to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Services for Armed Forces program of the American Red Cross.

"Even though more than 70 years have passed since my rescue, it’s not too late to give back," Darty said. "That’s a lesson I hope the next generation recognizes, because it’s all too easy to let procrastination give way to inaction. But action is what brings hope to those who need it."

As a child, Darty spent most of World War II hiding from Nazi invaders on the outskirts of Paris.

"I vividly remember the arrival of the hundreds of thousands of American troops who landed in Normandy to liberate us in June 1944. They were our saviors, doling out packets of sweets to half-starved, war-weary children who had almost given up hope for freedom," Darty told Fox News.

"The gratitude I feel to these men is beyond words. They freed our country and they saved our lives. Without American troops, my family and I simply would not have existed. I think of that every time I look at our family photos."

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