Kindhearted Law student Surprised with $20k on Ellen Show

February 28, 2013

Catherine, a law student at the University of Virginia School of Law, wrote Ellen Degeneres a heart warming letter about her friend and classmate Dana.

In the letter Catherine noted how Dana has been committed to helping the less fortunate even though she has racked up thousands of debt in student loans. After all, law school is very expensive to attend without scholarships.

"She spends many hours every week helping children transfer out of juvenile detention centers. She is maxed out in student loans, but she somehow manages to find cheap SAT books online for student who can't afford them. I can't think of anyone more giving, loving, and deserving."

Dana thought she was attending the Ellen show because of her goofy dance videos. Little did she know Ellen was going to surprise her with $20,000 to help pay for her student loans.


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