Local police officer goes above and beyond to make mentally challenged teen's dream come true

February 11, 2013

A police officer in Lousianna has gone above and beyond to make a special needs teenager's dream come true.

Blaize Richard wants nothing more than to become a police officer when he grows up. Blaize's mother, Angie, called the local police department in Jennings, Louisianna and coordinated for a police officer to visit the house for his birthday. Blaize was even given his very own police uniform.

After the incident, Officer Mike Hill began to visit Blaize on a regular basis, calling him his "back-up".

Police Chief Todd D'Albor spoke on Officer Hill's behalf.

"Police officers sometimes get a bad rap for the things that go wrong, but people don't generally see that they [police officers] do have compassionate hearts and they do care about making a difference, and Mike Hill exemplifies that."

D'Albor plans to commission the 18-year-old as an honorary Jennings police officer.

Source: ABC News

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