A Milkshake Was Shipped Across The U.S. To Grant A Dying Woman's Wish

August 3, 2017

A restaurant in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, made a dying woman's wish for a treat from back home come true.

Over the last 50 years, Tommy's Restaurant has served up thousands of milkshakes, but none as meaningful as one mocha shake last month.

"This was my first request like this," owner Tommy Fello told Fox 8. "I wasn't even sure if we'd be able to do it."

The request came from Cleveland Heights native Emily Pomeranz, who lived near Washington D.C. and was in hospice with a second bout of pancreatic cancer.

"As she was doing her swan song as she liked to say, I said, 'Hey, is there anything you're going to miss in terms of food"?' And she said, 'What I would do right now for a Tommy's mocha milkshake,'" friend Sam Klein told the news outlet.

That's when Klein reached out to Fello to make it happen.

"It touched my heart, and I said, 'boy, I'd love to be able to do something,'" Fello added.

Fello packed the beverage with dry ice and paid $123 for overnight shipping 370 miles across the country to Pomeranz's hospice room in Arlington, Virginia. The drink reached her bedside four days before she passed away last Friday.

"She leaves behind a treasure trove of memories; a legacy of laughter, joy and caring; grieving family and friends," Klein posted on Facebook. "But, she was able to fulfill her wish of one last Tommy's milkshake thanks to the caring and good heartedness of Tommy at Tommy's. So, my friends, if you are in Cleveland Heights, or anywhere near there, please stop in at Coventry, order one of those incredible milkshakes and ask for Tommy (he is the one cooking in the middle of the restaurant) and say, 'This one is for Emily. Thank you for sending one to her.'"

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