Heartbroken Monkey Clutches Her Child After It Collapsed... And It Regains Consciousness 2 Minutes Later

May 11, 2017

A photographer's shot of a mother monkey and her unconscious child captures the pain of a mother.

monkey sad over baby then recovers photo
Photo credit: Avinash Lodhi / Caters News Agency

Photographer Avinash Lodhi captured the shot in Jabalphur, India.

However, her stress was unwarranted. Moments after the photo was taken, the youngster appeared to make a full recovery.

In conversation with iChowk, Avinash said, "This photo is very close to my heart. I took in Jabalpur in April and in all these years taking photographs, I had never clicked such visuals of emotions in an animal."

Sources: dailymail, indiatoday, telegraph

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