Irish Teen With Cancer Sobs On Camera. Days Later, Her Wish For A 'Last Chance' Is Granted

February 15, 2017

More than $724,000 (€686) has been raised to support an Irish teenager's cancer treatment after her heartbreaking video went viral internationally.

18-year-old Shauntelle Tynan is battling multi-system Langheran's cell histiocytosis, a very rare form of cancer. In a video posted to YouTube on February 12, Shauntelle pleaded with the public to support her health care costs in the US and said specialist treatment in Houston, Texas would be her "last-chance".

Shauntelle and her family have been "blown away" by the support she's received.

"The last 38 hours has been a place of love and the people of Ireland have truly came together to help me get better and for that I'm truly thankful," Shauntelle wrote on Facebook. "There has been few haters but millions of lovers and each person showing positivity helps us through each day and we are truly over the moon.

"The good always outshines the bad and I now have a true chance at beating this and it is all down to all who shared, commented and donated. I am so excited for my little brother and sister to come home from school to hear that I have made enough to go to Texas."

Irish teen raises money for US treatment viral video

Go Fund Me confirmed that Shauntelle's campaign is the largest Irish campaign to ever be held on the crowd-funding platform.

"I haven't stopped crying, I haven't slept," Shauntelle's mother Leona told Kfm. "We live in a mighty little country and I can't believe that people have been so good."

Irish teen cancer trip to US

Shauntelle will travel to Texas on March 29 on her own to undergo treatment.

"Recently we have learned that we're going to have to move to Texas for at least a year, that's me on my own, that's not my family, that's me," she told Independent. "The doctors in Texas have told me if I don't come for at least 12 months then they don't have a great chance of helping me survive."

To make a donation to Shauntelle's treatment/travel costs, visit

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