A Random Act Of Kindness Leads To A Homeless Man's Reunion With His Family

February 6, 2017

A homeless man seen sleeping at a bus stop in Manchester, England, has been reunited with his family after a woman's random act of kindness.

act of kindness homeless man

The woman, known as Bev, noticed the man sleeping outside in the cold. She walked into the nearby Baguettes of Broadway sandwich shop and handed the owner £15 to give the homeless man breakfast and hot drinks for a week.

Owner Ciaran Egan shared the act of kindness on his shop's Facebook page:

"Today we have had a lady come into our shop and asked if it would be OK to pay £15.00 on a tab so that the homeless man that she has seen sleeping at the bus stop on Broadway could eat for the rest of the week. Obviously we accepted this and will be making him full meals all week. I don't know this ladies full name only that's she's called bev. It touched my heart and thought she should have some recognition for her kindness. It doesn't take much to help somebody when in need so we will be doing this at cost price so he gets more meals for the donation from bev. Please can we share this post and get more people helping others that never ask for anything."

The post was shared more than 10,000 times in less than 48 hours.

In a strange twist of fate, Bev then realized she recognized the rough sleeper, and that he was in fact the brother of a former work colleague.

act of kindness homeless man
Owner Ciaran Egan

Egan posted the update on Facebook:

"Just a little update on post yesterday we have had bev in our shop this morning and here is what happened in the last 24 hrs all down the to kindness of one person and one simple Facebook post.

Whilst chatting, and getting information, Bev realized she actually knew of his family and where they'd moved away to. She has been able to make contact with them theu drove a very long way and he was picked up this morning and is now safe with a family member and a roof over his head.

So happy to hear this outcome, what a way to start the day with such positivity. Well done to everyone involved, and everyone who has helped him out over the last 6 weeks.

It just shows this world is a small place and we all need to look out for each other no matter how big or small."

Egan told Manchester Evening News he's received messages from across Greater Manchester and the rest of the globe, from as far as San Francisco and Los Angeles, all wanting to offer their support to the man and help him get back on his feet.

"People were offering to donate food and sleeping bags and clothes, someone even started a fundraising page for him.

"It was an incredible response."

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