New energy efficient skyscrapers that make people happier

November 16, 2012

Architects are not only designing energy efficient buildings these days, they are making them an enjoyable atmosphere for its inhabitants.

The goal is to make employees feel as if they are workign in a verticle city. Co-workers are able to meet by a garden or tree to enjoy a cup of coffee. They can easily step outside to get a breath of fresh air on a nice spring day.

The days of "pancake stacks" are gone. No longer will people feel like they are all forced into tiny compartments. Instead the floors are very open and contain "skygardens". Alongside these gardens are cafes, restaurants and small shops. It's literally like working in a city instead of a cubicle.

green buildingBusiness's are looking for an atmosphere that brings production. They believe that if people are happier about coming to work, their performance will increase.

The buildings are also energy efficient. One building in Pittsburgh has natural ventilation. Basically, the building has flaps which open when the conditions ask for fresh air. Insane!

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